DR. TUBAK VILMOS - MD, PhD, Scientific director - vilmos.tubak[at]
He spent several years in the era of molecular biology. Formerly worked at the Biological Research Center, Hung. Acad. Sci. He has 4 papers in referred journals (Total IF: 24, citation ca. 50~). As a chief executive and partner he has successfully established and run four R&D companies (including Solvo and Zipper Ltds.). He successfully managed the establishment of a Quality Assurance System at Zipper Ltd. where he partnered in. His best professional is innovative thinking, idea management and a fruitful organizing capability. He actively participates in projects related to immunology and cell biology, instructs and leads 3 students and a PhD student whos are actively involved in projects mentioned.

RITA KOVÁCS - Chem. technician - rita.kovacs[at]
Formerly she was a person in charge for Quality Assurance in mid-production pipeline at Florin Plc., a cosmetic company. Having huge practice in laboratory management, compound screening in cell-based and in in vitro ADME/TOX methods. She is a well-trained assistant in molecular biology techniques, routinly doing cloning of PCR and restriction fragments, ligation, bacterial transformation. Her best knowledge is in ADME/Tox screening of toxic/cytotoxic compounds using MDR (MultiDrug Resistance) expressed by heterologous cell lines or in artificial membranes (inside-out vesicle).

ERZSÉBET KUSZ - Tissue culture technician - erzsebet.kusz[at]
She has at least 30 years practice in cell culture management, cryopreservation, cloning of individual cells, stable and transient transfection of different cell lines, heterologue protein expression in eukaryotic cells. She used to manage all the cytotoxicity assays we make or have to make it. Also, her professionals are cytokine assays, monoclonal antibody generation and production, hybridoma screening.